web solutions

includes hosting, network, telecommunications, desktop computing, project management, and unified communications

sms marketing

increase traffic of your brand and attract new customers just with one simple text message

business advocacy

increase employee productivity and engagement by reducing the time and energy employees must waste

web & graphics

attract your customers with high-quality visual work as well as stand out from everybody else


the future of technology

From the being enlisted in the World's Greatest Army to creating Hall of Fames and Empires that inspires over millions, founder @VDotNam has opened up doors for indie artists to advance more in thier career. VI4V develops software and web based platforms for small businesses, media broadcasters, governmment agencies, schools and Fortune 500 companies. Our product, EmpireIAM, is a software for recording industries, learning centers and a business enterprises.

turning dreams in reality

Mr. Jones has helped clients with visual presentations, #Megamedia websites, MPK/ EPKs, content management, tours, social media and much more. His university, EmpireIAM University, assist everyday people with a trade in music productions, IT, graphic arts, web development, marketing, DJing, Event Booking and much more; and send them out in the field to special events and functions. As a member of Silicon Valley Harlem, I am pleased to serve you with proud.

the doors are now open

As the Creator of the Semi-Majors, V Is 4 Vietnam International provides upcoming artists with magazine exposure, slot placements & hosting on mixtapes, upgrade on graphics and status transitioning. Our editorital, Hip Hop Empire Magazine, broadcast news coverage, events, new music, upcoming artists, albums and much more in the Great Lakes region. radio. Either if it's music or business that you are into, we have everything that you need to be successful.



Graphic Arts

VI4V specializes in creating visual masterpieces for your business. We design exclusive flyers, business cards, posters, full album releases and the list goes on.

Appearal & Stationary

We provide start-up companies with high quality merchandise and brochures to leave customers with a memory.

Ecommerce & Point of Sales Systems

Start your own store online and begin making money. Either if its just services or simply a varity of products, we strive at being the best in providing quality platforms to facilitate great customer experience.

Media Broadcating

VI4V offers megamedia exposure in top-ranked magazines, mixtapes, radio, televsion stations and websites. We are connected with over 200 media outlets.

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